Rebase Ventures

Building the future with software

We're a permanent equity venture studio that creates software companies

  • Konf

    Better live online events

  • Remoat

    Remote work software

  • Developer tools

  • Konf

    Offset my flights

  • MediaCore

    Acquired by Workday Inc

  • Acquired by MessageBird

How we think

  • Long term

    Our evergreen fund allows us to think long term

  • Purpose

    Software is a force multiplier that improves our lives and work

  • Planet

    We create software that is planet positive

  • Remote

    Our diverse team spans the world

Meet our team

We're a diverse and international remote team of committed individuals. We think long term, and care about people and our planet.

  • Damien Tanner


  • Gregory Barber


  • Neil Witten


  • Plus everyone in our portfolio companies